Friday, February 8, 2008

R. Wright Photography: People

Here is a selection of some of my favorite portraiture shots.

This is my very first portraiture shot, and it was quite accidental! This was not taken with my 20D, but was taken around two years ago with a Canon EOS 5D. Milton here is probably looking at something on the computer, or talking with Brian Mallard. I grabbed up the camera and quickly turned it on Milton, without him knowing it. It is one of my favorite shots!

“Walter and Laura”
I’ve always liked this photo. This was one of my first planned digital portraiture shots, and it came out quite nice, in my opinion. I’ve always loved the color. It was taken down a dirt road in Meriwether County, Georgia. This one was also taken with the Canon EOS 5D.

This is my first portraiture photograph with my Canon EOS 20D. It was taken at night in Downtown Columbus, where Stevie works as a waitress. The color has always been off due to a close neon light, so I went black and white with this photo. Stevie’s a lovely girl and made a very nice photo here!

This photo is from a photoshoot I did with Brian Mallard and Brent Lindley for the cover of Brian Mallard’s album with Brent. This is one of my favorite shots – and the shot chosen for the album cover.

“Brian Mallard and Robbie Wright”
Brian Mallard looking in the mirror before photoshoot. I just took this photo – just to take it – before Brian and I did a photoshoot. As it turns out, this one became my favorite from the shoot!

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Equipment Used:

  • Canon EOS 40D (2012 - Current)
  • Canon 18 - 55mm EF-S Lens
  • Canon 100mm USM f/2.8 Lens
  • Canon 50mm EF Lens
  • JVC 20GB HardDiskDrive Camcorder
  • Canon EOS 20D (2007 - 2012)