Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It Came From Under The Pillow!!!

I was ambling around the apartment one day, as I am wont to do, when a chill came over me. I was drawn towards the bed, where I got a feeling something - sinister - was underneath one of the pillows. The pillow was flat, but still... Out of the corner of my eye... there was an ever so slight movement.

I knew something was underneath... So, I quickly rush and grab my camera. "I must have photographic proof," I say to myself.

Then, I face the evil underneath... and here it is...

And it was completely his choice to crawl up under that pillow! No one put it over him or anything of the sort!

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  • Canon EOS 40D (2012 - Current)
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  • Canon 100mm USM f/2.8 Lens
  • Canon 50mm EF Lens
  • JVC 20GB HardDiskDrive Camcorder
  • Canon EOS 20D (2007 - 2012)