Sunday, June 10, 2012

Jeep Wagoneer vs Florida Dirt Road

The setting. Point Washington State Forest and WMA near Destin Florida. A beautiful, sunny day.

Everything was going well, driving down the Florida State Park dirt roads. I was having fun.

Dirt roads and land scape that look very similar to Marion County, GA.

Hmmm... what's this in the road? A little mud? A little rutted out? No big deal.

Ok, front hubs are locked, the transfercase is in four wheel drive. But, it's not nessecary, because this really isn't that bad, I'll just blast right through this.

Or... maybe... not... That's right. As soon as I hit the center of this muddy rutted out 12 foot long piece of road my Wagoneer sank and bottomed out on the dirt. The wheels would only spin. 

I tried wood under the wheels. I tried jacking it up so it wasn't bottomed out. No luck. I even tried pushing it. After a few unkind words and beating my head agaisnt fake wood siding, Cody and I hiked back to the entrance of the Forest, which I will say was quite a walk, and found a Florida resident of few words that agreed to come and pull me out. 

See, it really doesn't look that bad. But you can actually see where the front differential bottomed out in the muddy sand.

Hot, tired, and out of the mud....

Photos by Billie

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Hands4Surgery said...

Cool! Nice place. Nice Jeep. I'll have to try it!

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