Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cell Phone Pictures

Here's a collection of pictures from my cellphone, taken over a period of half a year I'd say.

The Wagoneer the day I bought her.

Running out of gas for the first time. . .

Cody loves the Wagoneer, but I'm not sure how much he did this day. Late summer and out of gas!

When I first bought the Wagoneer it has a vinyl roof, as you can see. This was an option for early '80's Wagoneers and was apparently pretty rare. However in this case the vinyl was in too bad shape to save and I stripped it off.

This is why I had to strip the vinyl off the roof.

Getting the roof cleaned up.

 Looking good.

Almost completely cleaned off, just waiting for primer and paint.

This bike will be mine, or if not this one, one like it someday soon. It's sitting for sale in front of a pawn shop on Veteran's Parkway. It's a 1969 Triumph. The fella wants 4500 or best offer for it. It was love at first site for me!

VG30E (300zx motor) in a junk, obviously a victim of an engine fire, probably caused by the infamous leaking injectors. 

Old Chevrolet Pickup in junkyard. You don't see many like this in junkyards anymore!

Very cool old motor, in same junkyard.

Ah, my 1989 Nissan 300zx Turbo. In it's usual position on jackstands, where it spends way too much time.

At one of my fishin' holes.

Very cool old Chevrolet 4x4!

Our Jeep Grand Cherokee, where it spends way too much time!

Ah! Julia, my lovely, lovely daughter.

Inside of my Z before the swap.

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