Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chattahoochee Head Waters Trout

Nice trout I caught while fly fishing in North Georgia. I have to say there is a beauty to mountain stream fly fishing. Making casts in tight places. Watching as a short cast is excellently executed and the beauty as the line "unrolls" and the fly drops into the water.

"Local trout know what bugs are," a local trout fisherman told me, advising me of the places to catch non-stockers. Stocked trout have no spirit name, after all.

Wading a mountain stream is an other worldly experience, too. You are all alone, no cell phone reception, no heavy fishing pressure, and best of all no, over-weight, pasty-white tourists in pink tubes floating by. Ugh! It's an indescribable feeling to be all alone in a trout stream! That's all I can say. Hearing songs of birds, and the occasional crack of a branch in the woods, just to remind you that this is bear territory. They were their first.

You have to be stealthy in a tight trout stream too. Before crossing any pool, make several casts, just to be sure that "monster trout" isn't lurking under a rock, just waiting for your Parachute Adams to float by over head. There were numerous times, I had to crouch behind a rock and make casts that just skirted under low hanging limbs to reach a pool where I knew a trout was. That's how this one was caught.

I strictly fished dry flies on this trip as well. There is a whole other beauty to seeing a your dry fly sucked beneath the waters surface.

Happy casting my friends.

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