Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chattahoochee National Forest - Wagoneer Adventures

I recently went on a fly fishing weekend getaway to North Georgia, and I just happened to be right in the middle of the Chattahoochee National Forest, which of course meant some Forest Service Road Adventuring! It was a dark and gloomy day and the area I was in was recovering from a tornado from a few months ago, so a few roads were closed and many others were in poor condition.

Billie, Cody, and Julia.

This was one of the more interesting roads I found, off of Tray Mountain Road. Upon venturing down this road, we were met by three teenage "mountain boys" driving a lifted Chervrolet heading in the opposite direction. The road was too narrow to pass, so I backed up until they found a suitable place to pull off. I drove forward, and the driver of the truck rolled down his window. I pulled beside him and thanked him for pulling off the road.

"I wouldn't go down this one!" The driver, looking a little pale warned.
"Yeah, you don't want to try it!" The younger boy in the bed of the truck warned, looking frightened and thankful he was alive.

"Oh yeah?" I innocently asked, even more amped up to drive down the road.

"Oh, no, no you don't want to do it." The boy stuttered, still somewhat shaken and shaking, "there's a tree blocking the road and rocks... rocks everywhere! And a huge rut in the road. We barely made it to the end!"

"Oh... ok." I said, reaching an even more anxious level to travel this rocky rutted death inducing road! "Uh, thanks, then. Say, is there a place I can turn around down there?" I asked, no wanting to show my over eager hand that I was in no way going to heed their warning. He informed me there was a turn around, and we parted ways.

The road turned out to be rough, but not as impassible as I had hoped. I did wind up turning around, after I found the rutted out area in the road. Earlier while driving a trail I had blown one of the lines to my air shocks, so my Wagon was saggin', which limited my maneuverability.

Over all it was a pleasant and fun ride, it would have been even more enjoyable if it had not been such gloomy weather. 

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